Adax Neo Electric Panel Heaters (Wall Mounted / Portable)

Adax Neo Electric Panel Heaters, Wall Mounted or Portable (Leg Brackets sold separately). 24 Hour 7 Day Timer Option (Built-in / Fused Spur / Wireless Controller / Wifi Smartphone Control).  Modern Convector Radiators with a 5 Year Guarantee.  Available to buy online at our UK shop:

Adax Neo Electric Panel Heaters – Built-In Timer

Adax Neo Electric Panel Heaters – Fused Spur Timer

Adax Neo Electric Panel Heaters – Wireless Timer

Adax Neo Electric Panel Heaters – Wifi Model (Smartphone Controlled), With Timer

Portable Leg Brackets

Buy online from Solaire Quartz, UK.  These slimline electric heaters use the convection process to warm a room, quickly and silently without circulating dust.  They have a modern, stylish design with their rounded edges and an attractive choice of colours (white, black, red, silver & lava grey).  Furthermore, they are available with a 24 hour 7 day timer, digital thermostat, lcd temperature display, WIFI option (home automation heating). Our Adax Neo Electric Panel Heaters have Nemko certification. Additionally, they are manufactured in accordance and compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards and come with a 5 year guarantee.

Product Specification – Adax Neo Electric Panel Heaters (Wall Mounted / Portable)

  • Top quality Electric Panel Heaters from Norwegian manufacturer Adax.
  • Style / Type: flat panel, slim / slimline, modern / stylish / designer.
  • Colours: white, black, silver, red, lava grey.
  • Features (Adax Neo Standard Electric Heaters): convection heating, lcd temperature display, digital thermostat, 24 hour, 7 day timer, anti-asthma/allergy, on/off switch, overheat protection.
  • Features (Adax Neo Wifi Electric Heaters): WIFI / home automation (smartphone control), open window recognition, , splash proof rating (IP24). LOT 20 / ErP Compliant, making them energy-saving, economic and efficient electric heaters.
  • Features (Adax Eco): basic panel heater with the Neo styling – electronic thermostat and splash proof (IP24) protection.
  • Ideal for heating room spaces such as home, office, bedroom, lounge, dining room, conservatory, caravan, hotel, shed, outbuilding, extensions. The Adax Neo WIFI models are suitable for bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Size range: Small / Compact / Narrow, Medium / Regular, Wide / Long / Large.
  • The Adax Neo is available in standard height or low profile / skirting height versions.
  • Power Output in Watts: Adax Neo / Adax Neo Wifi / Adax Eco – 400W, 600W, 800W, 1000W, 1200W, 1400W, 2000W.
  • Clearance space required: 50mm below / 150mm above heater.
  • Comes with simple, easy to install wall-mounting bracket system.  We also sell leg brackets, to convert these heaters for portable use.
  • 5 year guarantee.
  • BUYERS PLEASE NOTE: This heater is horizontal mount only. The cable exits to the right. Cable length: 1.2m, UK plug attached.

More on the Adax Neo Functions:

The Adax Neo Wifi Electric Panel Heater offers Home Automation / Smartphone Control, Splash Proof protection, Open Window Recognition and a Built-in 24 Hour / 7 Day Timer.  Additionally, they are ErP / Lot 20 Compliant (Economic, Energy Efficient).

The Adax Neo Electric Panel Heaters (basic model) offer a 24 Hour / 7 Day Timer, Comfort and Anti frost / Reduced Heat Modes, Open Window Detection, Adaptive Timer Start (learns the optimum time to begin heating).  Additionally, they are ErP / Lot 20 Compliant (Economic, Energy Efficient).

The Adax Eco Electric Panel Heaters offer Splash Proof (suitable for bathrooms), Electronic Thermostat.

Work out your room heating requirement in BTU’s or Watts here.

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