Aura Designer Radiators For Central Heating

Aura Designer Radiators for Central Heating.  These stylish feature radiators are available in flat panel, round tube, oval tube and column radiator styles.  There is a choice between steel and aluminium models.  Available colours include Chrome, White, Black, Ice White, Lava Grey and Beach.  Our Designer Radiators meet the British Safety Standard for Radiators (BS EN 442), and have passed the Standard Practise For Operating Salt Spray (ASTM B117).  Buy online at our UK shop:

Work out your room heating requirement in BTU’s or Watts here.

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List of Models:

Aura Volta Flat Panel Aluminium Designer Radiator

Aura Glow Oval Tube Designer Radiator

Aura Heat Flat Panel Designer Radiator

Aura Mondo Round Tube Designer Radiator

Aura Grand Traditional Designer Column Radiator

Aura Bravo Flat Panel Aluminium Designer Radiator

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