Caldo Panel Heater
Instruction Manual
Safety Instructions
Installation Instructions
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Control Panel
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Manual Operation
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Connecting to WiFi
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Controlling the heater
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ERP Label
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Warranty and Disposal
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Safety Instructions
Read the manual before using the heater. Keep the manual for future reference.
Before use, check that the heater and its accessories are complete and intact.
The heater must be installed as per installation instructions. The heater must be plugged in-
to a socket that meets the following requirements: AC 230V, frequency 50/60Hz.
The heater is only suitable for indoor use.
Do not use the heater near ammable or explosive materials.
Inserting items into the protective grill of the heater is strictly prohibited
Do not touch the metal housing as it will get hot when the heater is in use. Set aside some
time to let the heater cool before you turn it o and store it.
Unplug the heater if it is going to be out of use for a long time.
Prior to each use, make sure the heater is in good condition and intact. Do not plug in or
use if the casing, wire or plug are damaged.
The heating element may be damaged if the heater is dropped or hit. Do not use the heater
if the element is broken.
Disconnect the plug from the socket when moving or cleaning the heater. When disconnect-
ing, ick the switch to the o position, then unplug. Do not yank the cable.
The heater must not be located immediately below an electrical socket-outlet.
If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its service
agent or a similarly qualied person to avoid a hazard.
Avoid the use of an extension cord as this may overheat and cause a re risk.
Never place the heater where it may fall into water
CAUTION: some parts of this product can become very hot and cause burns. Particular
attention must be given where children and vulnerable people are present.
CAUTION: never cover the heater. Covering the heater risks overheating and re.
Technical Data
Type Voltage Frequency Power Category
CPH-10XA 230V 50/60Hz 1000W I
CPH-15XA 230V 50/60Hz 1500W I
CPH-20XA 230V 50/60Hz 2000W I
CPH-25XA 230V 50/60Hz 2500W I
Installation Instructions
Before installing, check that all parts are complete, and the product is intact.
If you want to use the electric heater freestanding, please t the feet provided with the
heater, following the instructions below. Make sure the heater is mounted on a level,
stable and clean surface.
Freestanding Installation
1. Make sure the heater is O
2. Put the heater upside down on a soft
cotton cloth or carpet.
3. Fix the feet to the heaters base using
the screws provided. Line up the holes
in the base with the holes in feet. Put
the screws through the holes and then
tighten with a screwdriver
Wall Mounted Installation
1. Take out the wall brackets and expansion screw out from the box and x the screws onto the
wall according to the distances between holes of the wall brackets, as depicted in the picture
Expansion Screw
Expansion Screw