Eucotherm Heated Towel Rails

The Eucotherm range of heated towel rails is made in Europe and represents the pinnacle of heated towel rail design. We sell a selection of their range on our website, but their is a wide range of models which can be purchased on special order.  

Our Eucotherm Heated Towel Rails meet the British Safety Standard for Radiators (BS EN 442), and have passed the Standard Practise For Operating Salt Spray (ASTM B117).  


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Here is a list of Eucotherm Heated Towel Rails available to buy at the Solaire Quartz online shop:

Round Tube Heated Towel Rails: Fontanus (Tube on Tube)
Magnus (Curved).  

Square Tube Heated Towel Rails: Sidus.  

Flat Panel Heated Towel Rails: Mars Primus, Mars Primus Duo
Mars Trium, Primus Chrome, Primus Vito Chrome, Nova Trium, Nova Primus.  

Triangle Tube Heated Towel Rails: Diana, Kalida.  

Side Arm Heated Towel Rails: Ceres Plus, Ceres Chrome, Parallel

Special Orders – Eucotherm Catalogue

You can see the full range of Eucotherm Heated Towel Rails / Towel Radiators in the 2019 brochure. 


If there are products which are in the catalogue, but not on the website, we can place them on Special Order for you (advance payment required).   The prices in the catalogue are RRP, and in most cases we can improve on them. 

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