Deltacalor Forte Wifi Aluminum Oil Filled Electric Panel Heater + Timer, Wall Mounted

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Quick Summary

  • The Deltacalor Forte is an Italian-made oil-filled aluminium electric panel heater with WIFI (smartphone) control,
  • Mounting type: wall mounted.
  • Style: modern curved panel heater.
  • Heat method: combination of radiant heat and convection.
  • Colour: white.
  • Economic, efficient, Lot 20 Compliant. Saves energy consumption by up to 20%.
  • Features: App control for smartphone, Digital thermostat, 24 Hour / 7 Day Timer, Zonal Grouping. On/Off Switch, Overheat Protection, Anti-Asthma/Allergy, 1.2m cable, Power cable exits on left or right-hand side.
  • Size range: Small / Compact, Medium / Regular, Wide / Large / Long.
  • Dimensions: Height (all models) 580mm. Wall Projection (Depth) 100mm. Available power outputs / room size heated / width: 900W – 12m2 – 530mm. 1500W – 19m2 – 770mm. 1500W – 23m2 – 930mm.
  • Comes with a simple, easy to install wall-mounting bracket system.
  • Ideal for heating room spaces such as home, office, bedroom, lounge, dining room, conservatory, caravan, hotel, shed, outbuilding, extensions.
  • 5 Year Guarantee.
Model Power, W Dimensions, mm Heated Space, m2 Weight, kg
DELTACALOR Forte 900 580 x 530 x 100 12 15
DELTACALOR Forte 1500 580 x 770x 100 19 19
DELTACALOR Forte 1800 580 x 930 x 100 23 21


The Deltacalor Forte is a Wifi electric oil filled panel heater.  Made in Italy, this designer radiator will bring style and efficient heating to your home.

Packed full of the latest heating technology and high quality materials, the Forte is one of the best electric radiators on the market.   The Forte’s modern design not only looks contemporary, but provides more surface area to transmit heat through the room. While benefiting from advantages in modern technology, ensuring maximum efficiency and a long lifespan. Making sure your room stays warm, cosy and stylish.

Available in 3 sizes, the Forte is suitable for all rooms, letting you easily find space to wall mount the heater.

Smart, Home Control.

The Forte has inbuilt WiFi connectivity. A lot of heaters require external WiFi Hubs / Connectors which have to be purchased separately.   However, we don’t feel as though this is the way forward. The Forte will connect directly to your WiFI network though the Deltacalor’s free App. No additional parts have to be purchased and wired into the Radiator.  Which makes the installation much more simple, connection to the WiFi easier and the finished product much tidier.

The Forte can be controlled from the Delta Calor APP. Where you’ll be in full control of your heating from anywhere in the world. So you can say goodbye to coming home to a cold home or leaving the heating on.  Also, from the App the Radiator thermostat can be adjusted and the timer programmed. Which is much more intuitive than having to use a small control panel, which can be found on older heaters.

Intelligent, Programmability.

Noone wants to heat their room unnecessarily. Leaving the heating on not only is bad for the environment, it takes a hefty impact on your your energy bills. The best way to prevent this is to programme when the heating will be on, using a timer. With the Forte you can do exactly that. The Forte’s inbuilt timer lets you fully customise your heating. Programming the heater to warm the room to your exact needs though the day!

With ITCS (Intelligent temperature control system) the heater learns the conditions of the room, to take the guesswork out of your heating. What we mean by this is; you no longer have to programme the heater to come on earlier that you need it. Over the course of a week, the Forte will learn how long is required to heat the room. Then anticipate the optimum time to begin the heating schedule .  Typically, this would happen because the room may take a while to heat up.

Zonal Heating.

Each heater can be named to be easily recognisable. Control a single heater or group several into a “zone”.  Zones let you control each room independently. For example, the bedroom and living room can be completely different temperatures and heated at different times. Rather than heating the whole house, you can select exactly which temperature each room is at. Meaning your not wasting energy by heating unused rooms.


Efficient, Heating Technology.

The Forte gauarnetee’s maximum efficiency by using high quality materials. The Radiator’s body and panel’s are Aluminium the best material for conducting heat. Providing much greater thermal conductivity, than the steel used on most radiators. Essentially, the Forte conducts the heat more effectively so that more heat is radiated into the room without consuming more energy.

The Forte uses a thermal oil inside the radiator, which stable and long lasting even at high temperatures. The oil filling transmits heat to the radiator’s surface creating radiant heat. When you turn a conventional fan heater off , the heater instantly stops producing heat and the room cools down very quickly. However, with an oil-filled radiator the heat keeps emanating from the unit long after it has been turned off, increasing the efficiency and reducing running costs.


Online and Offline, Programming.

Incase the your WiFi goes offline, the forte can still be programmed without WiFi access. In the select the “Manage device without Wifi” to link directly to the Forte Smart Radiator without Internet connection.You will be able to access all the programming and other features of your Forte heater and modify them, providing you are in range of the appliance. The Forte won’t leave you in the cold if the WiFi goes offline. 


Quality and Guarantee.

The Forte is made in Italy to the highest standards and regulations using the best quality components. Backed by a 5 year Guarantee you can have long term peace of mind.  Most heaters on the market offer a seemingly long grantee but only cover the electronics for 2/3 years. However the forte has an intrinsic 5 year Guarantee covering body work as well as the electronics (Please see our guarantee page for full details). 

The Radiator is supplied with a sturdy wall mounting kit, including wall brackets. You don’t need to purchase additional parts, everything is included in the box.    

If you have any questions about this product, please feel free to contact one of our team!

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