Aura Neptune Budget Infrared Heater, Wall Mounted

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Aura Neptune Budget Infrared Heater, Wall Mounted. The Neptune X-YD is a superb 2kW budget wall mounted infrared heater. Infrared (or Quartz) heating works in a similar way to the sun, and provides radiant heat.  This efficient way of heating travels by a wavelength outside the absorption of air.  It therefore warms people and objects directly.  Wind cannot interrupt or deflect the heat, so it also useful in outdoor situations.  You can read more about the prinicples of infrared heating here.

The Neptune has a rating of IP65, which makes it suitable for indoor or outdoor purposes.  You can therefore use it to heat spaces such as a garden patio, conservatory, workshop or warehouse.  It has an aluminium body and comes with a remote handset.  Additionally, the user can choose half or full power modes – all from the comfort of their chair.  Furthermore, if you misplace the remote control, the Neptune has a manual switch,  mounted on the end cap.  You can wall mount the heater with the fixing kit which we provide in the package.  Alternatively, you can make this heater portable with the tripod stand which we sell.

The Neptune is a convenient form of heating, which provides an instantaneous warmth to the room.  It is horizontally mounted, and should be situated 2m or more away from where heat is required.

More about our Infrared Heaters

Solaire Quartz sell a range of infrared quartz heaters in our online shop.  In addition to the Neptune model, we also sell the enhanced ‘Moon’ model, which has a built-in timer, sleek casing and two colour options.  The Moon infrared heater comes in wall-mounted or portable versions. Furthermore, it offers a high power output of 2500w.  This is ideal for larger spaces.  In conclusion, should you need any advice about infrared heating, please contact us by email or telephone (01325) 717899.  We offer a friendly service and fast delivery times.

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2 reviews for Aura Neptune Budget Infrared Heater, Wall Mounted

  1. supercatpan874

    Great seller pleasure to deal with!perfect communication

  2. supercatpan874

    Great seller pleasure to deal with!perfect communication

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