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Modern electric heaters come with a range of energy saving functions.  Below is a glossary of features and a brief explanation of what they do.

Adaptive Start

With adaptive start, the heater will learn the optimum time to commence heating. For example, if programmed for heat at 6 o’clock, the heater may start heating at 5:30 so that the room reaches the set temperature for 6 o’clock. Doing this takes the guesswork out of programming the timer, as well as eliminating wasted energy from pre warming

Behavioural indicator

A behavioural indicator acts as a reminder of how efficient the heater has been used. The heater will provide a rating, which is based on the set temperature.

Digital Dimming Display

The heater’s LCD display dims after a period in inactivity. This reduces wasted energy and is less distracting in bedrooms.

Dynamic Electronic Thermostat

The electronic thermostat constantly records the room’s air temperature. This allows the heater to quickly recognise and respond to changes in the air temperature, so the room stays at the temperature you set and ensuring remain comfortable.

Energy Monitoring

With the power check function you can monitor the heater’s energy consumption. With a press of a button you can see how much energy has been used over the last day or week.

Keypad lock function

You can lock the heaters controls to prevent unwanted users from adjusting the settings. This is ideal if the heater is in a public environment or near children.

Offline Operation (WiFi)

If you don’t wish to connect the heater to the WiFi, the heater can also be used offline.

Open Window Recognition

When this function is enabled, the heater will detect an window or door is open, and stops heating – reducing energy waste which would otherwise heat the great outdoors

Presence Detection

The presence detection monitor autonomously adjusts the heater’s temperature when the room is empty. The heater will detect when the room is either empty or occupied. This ability ensures energy isn’t wasted on heating an empty room while maintaining a comfortable air temperature.

Precision Digital Thermostat

A digital thermostat which precisely records the air temperature, enabling the occupant to maintain their desired room temperature.  This provides more heat when needed while switching off before the room becomes too hot.  The precision thermostat ensures that your living environment always remains comfortable

Smart WiFi

A WiFi heater connects directly to your WiFi router.  By using your phone / tablet to pair the heater and WiFi together, no additional parts are needed. Simply plug the heater in, pair directly with your WiFi. Then you are ready to control your heater from anywhere.

The WiFi app puts an abundance of features at your fingertips.  The WiFi App lets you control every aspect of the heater, including the Thermostat, Timer, Energy modes and the thermometer’s calibration.  You can control your heaters independently or by in a group, allowing you to set up a room-by-room program.  The electric heater’s thermostat can also be operated via the heater’s control panel should your WiFi connection go down.


Built into the heater is the timer, which can be programmed to fit around your schedule. With the ability to programmer each hour 7 days a week, you can set the heater to be on exactly when its needed, rather than leaving the heating on all of the time. Which will reduce energy consumption and running costs.

Time and Temperature Control (WiFi)

24 hour / 7 day intelligent timer. Simply set the temperatures and times you would like your room at and relax.

Wireless Control (RF Connection – Non WiFi)

These electric heaters are controlled by a very neat and easy to use battery operated remote wireless room thermostat. Here you can set start/stop timer functions, up to 3 times every day and each day different if required. Once you have set the timing schedule you can then set the required room temperatures, ensuring you are using the radiator to your own requirements and as efficiently as possible. The wireless room control can wall mounted or sat on a mobile stand and can be locked to stop unwanted program changes.

Zonal Control (WiFi)

If you have multiple heaters in a room, group them together. This makes control the different areas of your home clear and simple.