Heated Towel Rails

We are a specialist supplier of Aura and Eucotherm Heated Towel Rails (also known as Towel Warmers / Towel Radiators), and they come in a large choice of sizes, styles and colours.  They can connect to central heating, electric, thermostatic electric with timer and dual fuel (if you buy a central heating towel warmer and a dual fuel kit from our online shop).  These towel warmers are mainly in the vertical ladder style and make an ideal feature for kitchen and bathroom areas.

Our Aura and Eucotherm Towel Warmers / Heated Towel Rails meet the British Safety Standard for Radiators (BS EN 442), and have passed the Standard Practise For Operating Salt Spray (ASTM B117). 

Here is a list of Towel Warmers available to buy at the Solaire Quartz online shop:

Round Tube Towel Radiators: Aura 25 (Straight or Curved), Aura Ronda (Straight),  Fontanus (Tube on Tube), Magnus (Curved)

Square Tube Heated Towel Rails: Aura Cube, Aura Quadro, Sidus

Flat Panel Towel Radiators: Aura Curve, Mars Primus, Mars Primus Duo, Mars Trium, Primus Chrome, Primus Vito Chrome, Nova Trium, Nova Primus

Traditional (Victorian-style) Heated Towel Rails: Aura Pax, Aura Dux, Aura Rex

Triangle Tube Towel Warmers: Diana, Kalida

Side Arm Heated Towel Rails: Ceres Plus, Ceres Chrome, Parallel

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