User Manuals

Here are some links for the user guides / installation instructions / manuals for our Electric Panel Heaters, Electric Fan Heaters, Heated Towel Rails, Electric Elements and Timers. Manufacturers / Brands include Adax, Tesy, Solaire and Reno.

Electric Panel Heater Manuals

ADAX Neo Electric Panel Heater / Convector Radiator

Adax Neo Electric Panel Heater / Convector Radiator, Wall Mounted, Modern

Adax Neo S4 (-2017) Instruction Manual

Adax Neo S5 (2018) Instruction Manual

Adax Neo S5 Easy Instructions

Adax Neo Installation Guide

ADAX Neo WIFI Electric Panel Heater / Convector Radiator

Adax Neo Wifi Electric Wall Heater With Timer, Modern

Download Adax Neo Wifi Manual

Download Progammable WIFI Thermostat Instructions

Download Home Automation / Smart Heating Instructions

Adax Clea WIFI Manual

ADAX CLEA WIFI GLASS WHITE Electric Wall Heater, Home Automation, Wall Mounted Convector Radiator, Smartphone Controlled, Flat Panel

Download Adax Clea Wifi Manual

Download Progamming Thermostat Instructions

Download Home Automation / Smart Heating Instructions

Adax Eco Electric Panel Heater

Adax Eco Electric Convector Heater, Splash Proof, White

Download Adax Eco Manual

Gnosjo Oil Filled Electric Radiator / Radiant Heater

Adax APO Oil Filled Electric Radiator, Wall Mounted. LOT 20 / ErP Compliant.

Download Gnosjo APO / ALO Manual

Celsius Oil Filled Electric Radiator With Timer

Aura Oil-Filled Electric Radiator + Timer & Thermostat - Wall Mounted / Portable

Download Celsius Manual

Sol*Aire Reno Wifi Electric Panel Heater

Reno Wifi Glass Smart Electric Radiator, Wall Mounted or Portable Convector Radiator

Download Sol*Aire Reno Manual

Tesy CN04 Electric Panel Heater

Tesy CN04 Splash Proof Electric Panel Heater, Wall Mounted

Download Tesy CN04 Manual

Tesy CN04 – WIFI Version Programming Instructions

Tesy CN024 Electric Panel Heater

Tesy CN024 Compact Electric Heater, Wall Mounted, Splash Proof & Bathroom Safe.

Download Tesy CN024 Manual

ADAX Clea Electric Panel Heater / Convector Radiator

Download Adax Clea User Manual

ADAX VP10 Electric Panel Heater / Convector Radiator


Download Adax VP10 Manual

ADAX VP11 Electric Panel Heater / Convector Radiator


Download Adax VP11 Manual

ADAX VPSL Splash Proof / Low Surface Temperature Electric Wall Heater


Download Adax VPSL Manual

Norel TPVD Splash Proof Electric Panel Heater


Download Norel TPVD Manual

Download Programming Thermostat Instructions

Olsberg Corona Electric Panel Heater / Convector Radiator


Download Olsberg Corona Manual

Heated Towel Rail Manuals

Solaire Elements Heated Towel Rails (Aura 25, Ronda, Cube, Curve, Rex, Pax and Dux Models)

Aura 25 Straight Duel Fuel Towel Warmer

Download Aura 25 / Ronda / Cube / Curve / Pax / Dux / Rex Heated Towel Rail Installation Guide

Electric Fan Heater Manuals

ADAX VV20CDH Portable Electric Fan Heater (Floor Standing)

Adax Modern Electric Tower Fan Heater (VV20CDH) 1200W / 2000W

Download Adax VV20CDH Manual

ADAX VV21CA Portable Electric Fan Heater

ADAX VV21 Compact Ceramic PTC Portable Fan Heater 1

Download VV21CA Manual

Shoe Dryer Manuals

ADAX ST3D Footwear Dryer / Shoe Warmer


Download Adax ST3D Manual

Electric Element Manuals (For Heated Towel Rails)

Solaire R3 Thermostatic Remote Control Element

R3 Thermostatic Electric Element With Timer, Remote, LOT20, For Heated Towel Rails Radiators

Download Solaire R3 Manual

Solaire R2 Thermostatic Remote Control Element

Aura 25 R2 Curved White Heated Towel Rail, Thermostatic Electric + Timer

Download Solaire R2 Manual

Solaire R1 Thermostatic Remote Control Element

Download Solaire R1 Manual

Timer Manuals

Solaire PR-1 247 Wireless Timer & Thermostat For Heated Towel Rails / Electric Panel Heaters

ADAX NEO Modern Electric Panel Heater, Wall Mounted + Wireless Timer, Thermostat

Download PR-1 Manual