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Welltherm’s infrared electric heaters are hand-made customised premium products with exquisite workmanship. Premium materials, carefully selected components, meticulous finishing and a love of detail give their products that special touch.

Built using highly-efficient ESHC(+) technology, ESHC (Entire Surface Heat Conductor) is a highly efficient heating technology developed in Germany that is used in process heat. Among the users are large German DAX companies as well as important biotech companies. For example, this heating technology is used to dry tissue samples in pathology in order to examine them under the electron microscope of leading lab equipment manufacturers. This application only allows a tolerance of a mere 0.5 Β°C.

The special aspect of this heating technology which is only used by Welltherm is that more than 70 % of the surface to be heated is covered by heating conductors. This guarantees excellent heat distribution and associated high efficiency. For competitors’ products the values are between 6 % and 23 %!

With ESHC technology you can save up to 30 % of heating costs compared to other technologies.

Based on Welltherm’s ESHC heating technology that has proven itself over many years, comes their latest heating innovation: ESHC+ technology – specially developed for all Welltherm metal heaters The ESHC+ heating conductor is fully encased in substrate layers with optimal heat conductivity. This cleverly maximises the heat given off into the room from the front of the heater. The above-average dimensions of the insulation on the back of the heating conductor sustainably reduce heat lost from the back. Thanks to EHSC+ technology, all Welltherm metal heaters achieve excellent radiation efficiency values (0.7 – method of measurement based on DIN EN 416-2 and IEC 60675).

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