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Adax Neo Low Profile Portable Electric Heater + Timer, Modern, Conservatory Radiator

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    • Adax Neo Low Profile Electric Panel Heater
    • Quality Norwegian design
    • Skirting Height – suitable for low walls
    • Type: Convector Heater
    • Style: Modern, contemporary
    • Features: Timer, Electronic Thermostat, LCD Digital Display, Anti-Tamper Lock, Adaptive Start, Open Window Recognition, Lot 20 Compliant
    • Power Outputs: 600W, 800W, 1000W, 1200W
    • Colours: White, Black, Lava Grey


  • Supplied with portable leg brackets. Wall mounting kit also included
  • 5 year guarantee

Payment & Delivery

Online Payment: Credit / Debit Cards. Paypal (pay upfront or in 3 monthly payments at 0% interest)
Pay by Phone:
(01325) 717899
UK mainland - next working day (cut off time 12pm). Highlands, Islands, Northern Ireland - 2-3 working days. Europe - 3-5 working days. (more info)
Returns: 30 days (more info)
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Available Options

ThumbnailSKUPower OutputColourDimensionsStockPriceQuantity SubTotal
NLW06KDTB600WWhite87 × 8.4 × 20 cm18£176.00 inc. VAT
NLW08KDTLB800WWhite105 × 8.4 × 20 cm14£180.00 inc. VAT
NLW10KDTLB1000WWhite128 × 8.4 × 20 cm23£187.00 inc. VAT
NLW12KDTLB1200WWhite145 × 8.4 × 20 cm17£196.00 inc. VAT
NLS06KDTLB600WLava Grey87 × 8.4 × 20 cm0£143.00 inc. VAT
NLG08KDTLB800WLava Grey105 × 8.4 × 20 cm52£180.00 inc. VAT
NLG10KDTLB1000WLava Grey128 × 8.4 × 20 cm44£187.00 inc. VAT
NLG12KDTLB1200WLava Grey145 × 8.4 × 20 cm0£196.00 inc. VAT
NLB06KDTLB600WBlack87 × 8.4 × 20 cm4£176.00 inc. VAT
NLB08KDTLB800WBlack105 × 8.4 × 20 cm7£180.00 inc. VAT
NLB10KDTLB1000WBlack128 × 8.4 × 20 cm0£187.00 inc. VAT
NLB12KDTLB1200WBlack145 × 8.4 × 20 cm0£196.00 inc. VAT


Original Quality. Modern Design.

Looking for a stylish and unobtrusive way to heat your home? The Adax Neo portable electric panel heater provides this and more. Only 200mm in height (excluding legs), its the ideal heater for spaces with limited height such as conservatories or below window sills.

With a flat front panel, discreet LCD display and slimline design, the Neo has established a reputation as one of the best looking panel heaters on the market. To suit a range of interiors, there are three colour options to choose from: white, black and lava grey.

The Adax Neo portable low profile electric heater comes in 600w, 800w, 1000w & 1200w power outputs and a single unit can heat small – medium room sizes. Additional heaters can be added for larger spaces according to requirements.

Included in the design are energy-saving features which make the heater fully ERP Lot 20 compliant. These features include a timer, digital thermostat, open window detection and adaptive start.  Consequently the Neo is more economic and efficient to run (up to 20% less than a basic electric heater). Furthermore, the safety features include an anti-tamper lock and overheat protection.

The Adax Neo is an award-winning electric radiator due to its exceptional design, high build-quality and reliability. It is backed by a market-leading 5 year warranty which covers the panel work and electronics. For comparison, most heaters will only come with a 2 year warranty on the electronics.

Energy efficient. Stylish heating.

The Neo’s sleek design creates a clean aesthetic from all angles. The controls are user friendly, allowing you to easily change the temperature with a push of a button.

To keep your room comfortable, the Neo uses a digital thermostat. This will precisely monitor the room and actively respond to changes in temperature, switching the heater on and off when its needed. This saves electricity and reduces running costs.

Adax’s X-fin heating element uses natural convection to heat the room. The heater has no moving parts and is silent when heating. The aluminium element in the base of the unit warms air, which flows into the bottom and out of the top vent, circulating evenly by convection throughout the room. There is no fan, so dust and particles are not blown around the room. By maintaining the air quality it is well suited for people with allergies.

Comfort and Science.

Rather than leaving the heater on constantly, the Neo Portable can be programmed around your schedule with the built-in timer. The timer allows for 24 hour 7 day programming, reducing energy consumption and running costs.

The Adax Neo has a smart learning programme called “Adaptive start”. This will calculate the optimum time to start heating. For example, if programmed for heating at 6:00am, the heater may start at 5:30am to get the room to the optimum temperature by 6:00am. Doing this takes the guesswork out of programming the timer, so the room is warm exactly when its needed. It also has open window detection, which will recognise when you’re trying too cool the room down, for example by opening a window.  It will detect the drop in temperature and temporarily switch the heater off.

By incorporating these energy saving features into the design, the Adax Neo is fully compliant with ECO design ERP Lot 20 regulations.

Quality Assured

Adax is a long-established manufacturer of heaters, founded in 1948. Their products are still made in Europe and adhere to the highest quality standards. This has made Adax a favourite of building developers and contractors, with large quantities being installed in properties and developments across the UK and Europe.

Most heaters on the market offer a seemingly long guarantee but only cover the electronics for 2 years. However, Adax offer an intrinsic 5 year guarantee covering body work and electronics as well as meeting all necessary EU and UK approvals for safety.

The heater is supplied with a UK plug fitted, portable leg brackets and a wall mounting kit (including the wall bracket). Also supplied in the box is: mounting template and instructions.

If you wish to hard wire the heater, the plug can be cut without affecting the guarantee.

If you have any questions about this product, please feel free to contact one of our team!

Product Specifications

Model Power Output Dimensions, mm Heated Space, m2 Weight, kg
NL06KDT 600W 200 x 870 x 84 7.5 3.5
NL08KDT 800W 200 x 1050 x 84 10 3.9
NL10KDT 1000W 200 x 1280 x 84 12.5 4.6
NL12KDT 1200W 200 x 1450 x 84 15 5.1

Please note: ‘Heated space figures’ are an estimate. More power may be required in rooms which are less insulated than average and experience higher heat loss.


User Guide

Adax Neo S5 Easy Instructions

Installation Guide

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Main Colour

Electric Heater Features

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Towel Rail Features
Towel Rail Connection
Mounting Type


Mirror Features
Electric Heater Type


Towel Rail Shape

Mild Steel

Width in mm

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Height in mm



Splash Proof Rating
Electric Output
Power (Watts)
Thermostatic Output
Power Output

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