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Aura 25 Curved White | Dual Fuel Towel Rail with Thermostat, Timer + WiFi Control

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Aura 25 curved white dual fuel towel rail with WiFi controlled heating element.  Packed with energy saving features, the radiator is Eco design / Lot 20 compliant. With thermostat and timer control as well as compatibility with google assistant and amazon Alexa.

  • White bathroom towel rail
  • Supplied with Dual Fuel valve kit and electric heating element
  • R4 heating element– with timer, thermostat & energy saving features
  • 25mm high output cross bars
  • Fully eco design lot20 compliant bathroom radiator
  • 10 years manufacturer’s guarantee on the towel rail
  • 2 years manufacturer’s guarantee on the element

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CW580R4DF-Z80050050 × 10 × 80 cm18£230.00 inc. VAT
CW512R4DF-Z120050050 × 10 × 120 cm28£248.00 inc. VAT
CW515R4DF-Z150050050 × 10 × 150 cm9£258.00 inc. VAT
CW518R4DF-Z180050050 × 10 × 180 cm4£292.00 inc. VAT
CW680R4DF-Z80060060 × 10 × 80 cm12£236.00 inc. VAT
CW612R4DF-Z120060060 × 10 × 120 cm0£256.00 inc. VAT
CW615R4DF-Z150060060 × 10 × 150 cm6£266.00 inc. VAT
CW618R4DF-Z180060060 × 10 × 180 cm5£304.00 inc. VAT


WiFi and Non WiFi Control

R4 towel rails can be controlled with and without WiFi. The inbuilt WiFi connectivity, which will let you control the radiator using the smart App.

However the r4 is also supplied with a remote control. With the remote, you have full control over the radiator, without having to use WiFi.

Curved White, Dual Fuel Towel Rail with Smart WiFi Element

The Aura 25 curved white heated towel rail is supplied with a dual fuel kit. This includes dual fuel valves and a smart thermostatic electric heating element.

With the dual fuel kit the rail can be heated from either the central heating system or the electricity supply. This means, even when your central heating system is tuned off, you can still dry towels by using the electrical element.  When using the electrical side, you can use the elements smart features including WiFi control.

Like all of our towel rails, the Aura 25 curved white is manufactured to the highest quality standards. This is eye catching when stood next to cheaper towel rails. Also the R4 version has WiFi control and smart features, which will reduce energy consumption and running costs.

R4, Controllable Towel Rails.

With the R4 its easy to control your bathroom towel rail or radiator.

2 Thermostats

Temperature control over the Radiator’s surface temperature and air temperature.


Fully programmable 24/7 timer

Open Window

Open window detection, will turn radiator off to save energy.


Fully ERP LOT20 Eco Design compliant


Lock the control panel to protect against unauthorised adjustment.

Manual Boost

The R4 gives you full control over the towel and the bathroom heating.

The R4 can also be used without WiFi from control panel. With this the radiator can be switched on / off, the thermostat can be adjusted and  a 2 – 4 hour boost facility can be set.

We also have a non WIFI remote, which can be purchased separately. With this, the radiator can be completely controlled without WIFI.

Smart WiFi App

From the App, the electric element can be controlled with your smart phone or tablet. Making it easier than ever to control your bathroom.

This includes the timer, which will let you programme when the towel rail is on. So you don’t waste money by leaving the radiator on constantly.

With 2 thermostats the R4 can monitor either the room’s air temperature, or the radiator’s surface temperature:

  • Select how hot the surface temperature is.
  • The R4 can be used as an LST towel rail. This is useful in preventing people burning themselves. Its also ideal if you’re drying towels, as the thermostat recording is isolated from external heat sources, which would interfere with your towel drying.
  • The air temperature thermostat regulates the radiator based on room temperature.

The R4’s state of the art technology is integrated into a single element head. Removing the need for additional unsightly connections and receiver boxes. Everything is built into the element.

Superior Quality. Higher Outputs.

The Aura 25 has a 10 year guarantee for the radiator and 2 years for the element, giving you long term peace of mind. Aura 25 towel rails are ASTMB117 tested and salt tested for 250 hours. This strict quality testing ensures a long lifespan for the radiator.

With 25mm cross bars and 1.5mm steel, the Aura 25 is 50% thicker than the average towel radiator. By increasing the surface area, the heat emission is much greater. Which produces higher BTU outputs to keeps your bathroom warm. We design our bathroom radiators with quality, aesthetics and efficiency in mind. Delivering more cross bars, more surface area and a longer warranty.

  • IR Remote controller
  • 24/7 time control via remote control
  • Measures air temperature from 18°C – 32°C
  • Controls water temperature from 30°C – 70°C
  • Built-in open window/door recognition
  • ERP Lot 20 complaint
  • Rated IPX4 for use in bathroom zones
  • 24/7 time control via remote control
  • Manual control override directly on the element with 2 & 4 hour boost
  • Automatic frost protection @ 7°C

Dual Fuel – Year Round Heat.

Dual Fuel means the towel rail can be heated from the central heating system or as an electric rail. This allows for heat during the summer when, hopefully, the climate is warm enough for you to turn off your central heating. This is an extremely simple procedure – you simply close one valve and turn the electric element on.

Please Note:  The dual fuel kit will arrive in a separate tube.

Product Specifications

Rail Size (mm) BTU/Hr Δ Thermostatic Element Watts
300 x 800 1109 300
300 x 1200 1672 300
400 x 800 1263 300
400 x 1200 1809 300
400 x 1800 2867 600
500 x 800 1434 300
500 x 1200 2046 300
500 x 1500 2483 600
500 x 1800 2920 600
600 x 800 1672 300
600 x 1200 2423 300
600 x 1500 2855 600
600 x 1800 3358 600

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Thermostatic Electric Dual Fuel


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