Aura 25 Black Straight Heated Towel Rail / Bathroom Radiator – Central Heating

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Straight Black Heated Towel Rails – Central Heating. The Aura 25.

Our Aura 25 straight Black heated towel rails are manufactured to be the highest quality bathroom radiators available online today, while offering unbeatable value for money.

The overall quality is eye catching when stood next to the cheaper alternatives to this towel warmer. Equipped with 25mm diameter tubing and steel at a thickness of 1.5mm, the class is there to see.

This makes the radiator around 50% thicker than the average towel warmer, maximising heat emission.
The result of this is a more substantial towel rail, which prevents defects such as rusting and pinhole leaks.

We design our bathroom radiators with quality, aesthetics and efficiency in mind. Delivering more cross bars, more surface area and a longer warranty.

Superior Quality. Higher Outputs.

The intricate treatment process for the Aura 25, results in an impressive modern look.

Our Black plating is on average 10 microns thick, not including the pre-treatment base. The polishing before Black plating is critical. Our towel warmers are highly polished for a very even fluid finish. The true test for the plating is neutral salt spray ASTMB117. The Solaire Towel Warmer passes 250 hours in the salt test.

Offering quality at an unrivalled consistent level. Allowing us to offer a 10-year Guarantee on the towel rail and providing you with long term peace of mind.

Geometric Design. Intrinsic Quality.

The Aura 25 towel warmer’s unique design produces efficient and consistent warmth. Most towel warmers when filled, struggle to hold enough water to heat the top cross bars and include a margin of safety for expansion, when the towel rail is warm.

However, the Aura 25’s Geometric design solves this problem, by increasing the size of the upright columns, leaving enough space for expansion.

When combined with the increased surface area, the heat emission potential is maximised. Which in turn, produces a higher BTU output to keeps your bathroom warm.

We design our bathroom radiators with quality, aesthetics and efficiency in mind. Delivering more cross bars, more surface area and a longer warranty.

Easy Wall Mount. Adjustable Brackets.

Due to the substantial quality of the Aura 25. We have to supply the best fixing system available. The Aura 25’s brackets have internal metal threads for a more secure fitting against the wall ensuring that the radiator stays where it is installed. The adjustable brackets provide complete control over wall projection of the radiator between 80-105mm depth.

Beware of Cheaper Versions of this quality towel rail. Without metal threads or that don’t have a covered font which are flimsy at best. All that holds the towel rail to the bracket is a tiny screw a plastic leg. We are better than this by far.

The top of the towel rail is tidily finished. One side is smooth and flat, whilst the other side houses the Black air vent. No nasty nickel plated vents and blank plugs to be seen here.

To complete the Aura 25 Range of bathroom radiators we can make them stand alone sealed electric heaters or offer a superb dual fuel heating kit for summer use. Why buy a bathroom radiator that only works when the heating is turned on?

Rail Size (mm) Number of Cross Bars BTU/Hr Δ Heated Space
300 x 800 14 1109 4.06 m2
300 x 1200 22 1672 4.63 m2
400 x 800 14 1263 5.25 m2
400 x 1200 22 1809 6.36 m2
400 x 1800 32 2867 10.50 m2
500 x 800 14 1434 5.25 m2
500 x 1200 22 2046 7.50 m2
500 x 1500 28 2483 9.10 m2
500 x 1800 32 2920 10.70 m2
600 x 800 14 1672 6.13 m2
600 x 1200 22 2423 8.88 m2
600 x 1500 28 2855 10.46 m2
600 x 1800 32 3358 12.30 m2

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