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Aura 25 Straight Heated Towel Rail – Central Heating

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  • Aura 25 Heated Towel Rail – Straight
  • For connection to central heating
  • Tube Profile: 25mm round bars
  • Style: Standard ladder rail
  • Height Options: 800mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm
  • Width Options: 300mm, 400mm, 500mm, 600mm
  • Colours: Chrome, White
  • 1/2” BSP Sockets
  • Pipe centres = width of towel rail less 45mm
  • Wall Projection = 93 – 113mm (adjustable) to front face of towel rail
  • Wall Mounted (fixing kit supplied)
  • 10 year guarantee

Technical Drawings

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Aura 25 Straight Heated Towel Rail – Central Heating

The Aura 25 is a quality towel rail / bathroom radiator at an affordable price. It has a straight ladder design, coupled with a super modern polished chrome finish. The Aura 25 is perfect for drying towels and also heating your bathroom. The large spaces coupled with the multi-rung design, gives you plenty of options to hang towels and other items to dry.  The Aura 25 is available in the following sizes: Width: 300mm, 400mm, 500mm and 600mm. Height: 800mm, 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm

Central Heated

Central heating towel rails arrive empty and without connections. They have 1/2 inch BSP thread and need to be plumbed into your central heating system.
Central heating rails arrive as a standalone rail, the valves must be bought separately. We have a selection of angled or straight on/off valves and thermostatic valves available in our accessories section.

Superior Quality

The Aura 25 towel rail’s intricate treatment process results in its impressive look. We design our bathroom radiators with quality, aesthetics and efficiency in mind. Delivering more cross bars, more surface area and a longer warranty

The overall quality is eye-catching when compared with alternatives to this towel rail. This is because the Aura 25 is equipped with 25mm cross bars and 1.5mm steel frame, making it noticeably thicker and more substantial, which prevents defects such as rusting and pinhole leaks.

The Aura 25 is available in two colours, glossy white or Chrome. Our towel warmers are highly polished for a very even fluid finish. The chrome plating is on average 10 microns thick, not including the pre-treatment base. The plating is ASTMB117 salt spray tested for 250 hours, ensuring long term peace of mind.  This allows us to offer a 10-year guarantee on the towel rail.

Higher Outputs

The Aura 25 towel warmer’s unique design produces efficient and consistent warmth. It is around 50% thicker than the average ladder towel warmer.

The thicker profile, not only provides long term quality, it also increases the radiator’s surface area. Surface area is essential for maximising heat emission. More surface area increases heat output.

Most towel warmers when filled, struggle to hold enough water to heat the top cross bars while leaving an expansion space. However, the Aura 25’s design solves this problem with longer upright columns, leaving enough space for expansion.

When combined with the increased surface area, the heat emission potential is maximised. Which in turn, produces a higher BTU output to keeps your bathroom warm.

Easy Wall Mount. Adjustable Brackets.

The quality of the Aura 25 makes it heavier than normal. As a result we have to supply the best fixing system available.

The Aura 25 ‘s brackets have internal metal threads for a more secure fitting against the wall. The brackets also provide an adjustable wall projection. This allows you change the wall projection between 93-113mm, making it ideal if the wall is uneven e.g a half-tiled wall. Cheaper towel rails provide less secure brackets which are flimsy at best.

Different Power Options Available

Have you considered dual fuel? Dual fuel allows for all year-round heating, even when your central heating system is off due to the electrical heating element.

All our towel rails are available in central heating, electric and dual fuel power options.

Central heating towel rails arrive as a stand-alone product, and the valves must be bought separately. We have a selection of angled or straight on/off valves and thermostatic valves available in our accessories section. We also stock a variety of dual fuel kit bundles with your choice of element size and valves.

If you opt for one of our electric models the towel rail will be professionally filled on site and will be completed by one of our high-quality PTC (positive thermal coefficient) elements or one of our state of the art R3 thermostatically controlled elements.

Dual fuel towel radiators are like the central heated option – in that the radiator arrives empty and must connect to the central heating pipes. However, it comes with a dual fuel kit, which consists of valves and a heating element. Dual fuel heated towel rails can be heated using the central heating or mains electric. This means that when the central heating is off, you can still use the radiator to dry towels by switching the electric element on. Therefore, you have the benefit of using the towel rail all year round!

Product Specifications

ModelDimensions (mm)
H x W x D
Pipe Centres (mm)PTC Electric Element (Watts)Thermostatic Element (Watts)Output
Δ T50°C
Watts / BTU’s
Chrome – White
Δ T60°C
Chrome / White
380800 x 300 x 93-1133-5-6255100300177 / 604 – 271 / 925763 / 1169
480800 x 400 x 93-1133-5-6355150300226 / 771 – 346 / 1181975 / 1492
580800 x 500 x 93-1133-5-6455150300275 / 938 – 420 / 14331186 / 1811
680800 x 600 x 93-1133-5-6555200300324 / 1105 – 495 / 16891397 / 2135
3121200 x 300 x 93-1134-5-13255200300273 / 931 – 424 / 14471177 / 1829
4121200 x 400 x 93-1134-5-13355200300350 / 1194 – 543 / 18531509 / 2342
5121200 x 500 x 93-1134-5-13455300300428 / 1460 – 663 / 22621846 / 2859
6121200 x 600 x 93-1134-5-13555400600505 / 1723 – 783 / 26722178 / 3377
5151500 x 500 x 93-1134-5-7-12455300300534 / 1822 – 820 / 27982303 / 3536
6151500 x 600 x 93-1134-5-7-12555400600631 / 2153 – 969 / 33062721 / 4192
4181800 x 400 x 93-1134-5-12-13355400600521 / 1778 – 793 / 27062247 / 3420
5181800 x 500 x 93-1134-5-12-13455600600638 / 2177 – 969 / 33062752 / 4179
6181800 x 600 x 93-1134-5-12-13555600600754 / 2573 – 1146 / 39103252 / 4942

TUBE Ø (mm): 25 30 x 40 D Section (all models)
Technical Drawings

Quality Tested

  • VDE approved
  • Splashproof
  • ASTMB117 anti-corrosive salt tested to 250 hrs

Additional information

Electric Output

, , , , ,

Towel Rail Shape


, ,




Thermostatic Output



Mild Steel


Mounting Type

Wall Mounted

Towel Rail Connection

Central Heating

Electric Heater Features
Splash Proof Rating


Height in mm

, , ,

Width in mm

, , ,

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