SolAire EXO Aluminium WIFI Electric Panel Heater, Wall Mounted Smart Radiator

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Innovative Heating 

The EXO WIFI Aluminium Electric Panel Heater uses combination of the latest heating technology and high quality materials. It warms your home quickly and as efficient as possible with its aluminium casing and ceramic core.  This wall mounted convector radiator is fully Eco Design ERP LOT20 compliant.

With a built-in thermostat and 24 hour 7 day timer, its easy to program the heater to your needs – so your home is nice and warm, whenever you need it.

Aluminium Chassis

For an Electric Panel Heater to be efficient, its important that the heat created is quickly passed into the room.  To maximise heat out-put the EXO has highly conductive aluminium fins, which provide greater thermal conductivity than steel, which is normally used on radiators.   By using this technology, the Exo Smart convector radiator will quickly get your room warm and cosy.

Ceramic Core – long lasting efficient heat.

The EXO’s Ceramic core has great heat rentention, which means the radiator will hold the heat created and stay warm even after its switched off.  Also, as ceramic heaters don’t have any fluid or oil, its impossible for the radiator to leak – giving you long term peace of mind.

Smart Control.

Everybody knows the disappointment of arriving to a cold home. The chills while you wait for the house to warm up can feel to take forever.

Form social lives to entertainment, it seams our world’s moved online. Therefore, it only makes sence for our homes heating to do the same.

With the EXO walking into a cold house is a thing of the past. The WiFi connectivity lets you control your radiator’s remotely.  So you’ll never leave the heating on, or come home to a cold home again!

Direct Connection

With everything built into the Radiator, additional hubs or external connectors don’t need to be purchased or wired.

The Cloud

The EXO communicates with the cloud, which means you can control your heaters from more than 1 device.

Easy Control

With the smart app, controlling your heating is easy. The intuitive layout lets you adjust the radiator with a swipe of a finger.

Manual Control – For old time’s sake.

We understand, sometimes there’s not any WiFi to connect the heater to. Or you may just not control the heater though the App.

For cases like this, the EXO can be completely operated offline.

On top of the radiator, there’s a touch screen / display. With this, you can control the heater manually. You’ll still have access to all of the heater’s functions and features.

Dynamic Thermostat

The EXO uses an electronic thermostat which constantly records the room’s air temperature. This allows the heater to quickly recognise and respond to changes in the air temperature. So the room stays at the temperature you set. Ensuring that you always remains comfortable.

24/7 Timer

The Exo’s in-built timer can be programmed to fit around your schedule.

With the ability to programmer each hour 7 days a week, you can set the heater to be on exactly when its needed, rather than leaving the heating on all of the time. Doing this will reduce energy consumption and lower running costs.

When setting the timer, you programme the radiator to “Comfort” or “Reduced” mode. Comfort mode is when you the heater to be on and the room is warm. Reduced mode is when the Radiator is off.

Comfort and reduced mode can be set to whatever temperature you need.

By setting the reduced mode should a few degrees lower than the comfort mode, a low level of heat is retained in the room. Thus reducing the amount of time and energy needed to raise the air temperature to the comfort mode.



Supplied with wall fixing kit and a 3 pin plug attached, this radiator is easy to install. Supplied with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty, for long term peace of mind.

Mounting Kit Included

Wall mounting kit supplied with the radiator, including wall bracket and mounting template.

Plug in

3 pin UK Plug attracted, simply plug into your existing sockets.

Hassle Free

As electric radiators require no plumbing or pipe work, the installation is much faster and cheaper than tradiational central heated radiators.

Model Power, W Dimensions, mm Heated Space, m2 Weight, kg
EXO10 1000 567 x 495 × 80 12.5 10.8
EXO15 1500 567 x 595 × 80 17.5 12.7
EXO20 2000 567 x 795 × 80 25 17.3

*Heated space is only an estimate, based on a well insulated room. Heat loss varies in every room – areas with high heat loss (ie Conservatories) require more power. Please contact us directly if you’re unsure.

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