Radialight Klima Infrared Bathroom Electric Heater With Towel Rail, 750W, Wall Mounted

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We believe that the Radialight Klima is the best electric panel heater on the market.  It creates the most comforting feeling of warmth, thanks to the unique Italian design.  It does this by providing proximity heating to people sitting close by.  The front panel is entirely warm and projects infrared radiant heat, much like the sun. It distributes the temperature quickly and evenly throughout the room by combining convection and infrared heating – you get the best of both worlds and your sense of warmth and comfort is greatly enhanced. The Klima also has the best technology, leading the market for panel heaters. The electronics are superbly designed, with a host of intelligent features that manage and control the climate of the room to perfection. Key to the fantastic design of the Radialight Klima are the high safety standards that the Italian manufacturers have employed to bring you a dependable, reliant panel heater, which is built to the strictest standards.

We highly recommend the Radialight Klima. It is a market-leading, ground breaking panel heater which far surpasses the quality of its rivals. The Klima is the perfect choice for offices, new builds and home renovations and is supported with a lengthy 5 year guarantee. If you are looking for comfort, cosiness and warmth – choose the Klima.

See the Radialight Klima in a customizable living environment with their pioneering new showroom app.

Product Summary

  • Top quality Italian-made designer electric panel heater / radiator with 5 year guarantee.
  • Uses infrared (radiant) and convection heating in combination to heat a room space.
  • Fitted with removable towel bar, making it ideal for use in bathroom and kitchen areas.
  • Simply remove the towel bar for use in other rooms around the house.
  • Available in 750W Power Output.
  • Splash proof (IP24 rated) – suitable for bathrooms.
  • Lot 20 / ErP compliant – energy saving, economic and efficient.
  • 24 hour / 7 day timer (weekly programmer with 5 modes).
  • Built-in high precision digital thermostat
  • Temperature display on control panel
  • Energy Monitoring & Behavioural Indicator functions – monitor how much energy the heater has used over the last day or week
  • Keypad lock function – allows heater to become tamper proof.
  • Open window detection function – if a window is opened and the room temperature drops, the heater turns off (pauses heating) to prevent energy waste.
  • Presence detection function – can be used to lower temperature of heater when you leave the room.
  • Suitable for home, office, living room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, conservatory, hallway, extension, outbuilding, garage, caravan, hotel, holiday home.


Model Power, W Dimensions, mm Heated Room Space, m2 Weight, kg
KLIMA70 750 Watt 675 x 504 x 90 9 6.8
*in comparison to products with a mechanical Bimetal thermoregulator
Detailed Product Description

The Radialight Klima Dual Therm Electric Heater Towel Rail epitomises modern Italian design and state-of-the-art heating technology. Featuring clean cut, slimline styling this heater looks great in the bathroom.

With an IP24 splash-proof body and super-quiet operation, this wall-mounted electric radiator is perfect for the kitchen or bathroom.  With it’s built-in towel bar, the Klima will keep you warm and cosy after washing.

Radialight’s new OptiControl and intelligent energy-management technology are built-in to unit. Designed to be one of the most energy efficient electric panel heaters available, with a 24 hour / 7 day timer and open window recognition.  The Klima is compliant with Eco-Design Lot 20 regulations (exceeding them), and lowers energy bills by reducing energy consumption.

Weekly Programmer

24 hour / 7 day thermostat and timer

Presence Detection

The heater will detect when the room has been left empty. Then it will begin to lower the set temperature – so you never worry about leaving the heating on unnecessarily.


Open Window Recognition

When this function is enabled, the Klima will detect an window or door is open, and stops heating – reducing energy waste which would otherwise heat the great outdoors!


Energy Monitoring

With the power check function you can monitor the heater’s energy consumption. With a press of a button you can see how much energy has been used over the last day or week.

Behavioural indicator

The behavioural indicator acts as a reminder of how efficient the heater has been used. The heater will provide a rating, which is based on the set temperature.

Keypad lock function

You can lock the heaters controls to prevent unwanted users from adjusting the settings. This is ideal if the heater is in a public environment or near children.

Efficient and Effective Heating with Dual Therm Technology

The Klima utilises DUAL-THERM heating technology. With the combination of convection and infrared heating technologies, the heater delivers rapid warm up times and long-lasting, energy-efficient consumption.

The Aluminium element provides a natural flow of convection heat. This is ideal for rapidly warming the room, quickly adapting to changes in temperature. At the same time, the radiant element heats the front surface – transmitting evenly-distributed infrared heat. The combination of heating technologies provides a warm, long-lasting and embracing environment.

Comfort Control – Intelligent Management.

The highly sophisticated Intelligent Management System dynamically optimises the heater’s consumption. As the room approaches the set temperature, the power management system is activated, reducing the heater’s consumption. Helping maintain a constantly comfortable room temperature, plus eliminating energy waste by preventing the room from overheating.

With Radialight’s OptiControl system you’ll never leave the heating on again. This presence detection system recognises when the room is left empty, and lowers the temperature. The reduction in temperature is scaled according to how long the room has been empty. This is really useful if you accidentally leave the heating on when you go to work, shopping or a holiday.  By limiting energy waste, the Klima will help lower your electricity bills.


Programmable Thermostat and Timer.

The KLIMA’s front panel hosts a clear digital display for easy access to the heater’s functions.

The weekly programming and 5 different Operating Modes, enables you to schedule your heating around your schedule. With 24 hour 7 day timer it’s easy to select the periods when the heater will be off. Preventing you from having to leave the heating on all day. Also, the open window detection, will switch the heater off if a door / window is opened.

Also the “Behavioral Indicator” and “Powercheck Function” which lets you take control of the heater’s consumption with a push of a button.

Lasting Quality.

The Radialight KLIMA is a market-leading panel heater built from the highest quality electronics – ensuring your living environment remains safe and comfortable. It complies with all necessary EU and UK approvals, for absolute peace of mind.

The KLIMA is a premium quality heater, which it why it is backed by a comprehensive 5 year guarantee covering the body work and electrical components. You can be rest assured: the heater is built to last.

The heater’s lightweight body make it extremely easy to install. Also supplied is wall mounting kit, wall bracket and instructions.

If you have any questions about this product, please feel free to contact one of our team!


Model Power, W Dimensions, mm Heated Space, m2 Weight, kg
KLIMA70 750 675 x 504 x 90 9 6.8
*in comparison to products with a mechanical Bimetal thermoregulator

Quality Tested

5 Year Guarantee
Max. Surface Temperature 75°c
Safety cut-out
Fixed Appliance, no plug fitted

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5 year manufacturer’s Guarantee

Please note, this heater can only be mounted horizontally (as shown in the pictures)

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